Youth Involvement, Youth Empowerment

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Here is a small booklet of 130 pages that I wrote in 2005 when I was Director of Educational Methods at the World Scout Bureau. It is about youth participation. I offer it free of charge in my online bookstore as it may still be useful for Scout leaders or educators.

The title is "Youth Involvement, Youth Empowerment".

This little book is easy to use because it consists of a series of fact sheets on various topics related to youth empowerment.

Take a look at the table of contents and the choice of pages that are presented below, you can see the interest of the topics covered. Most of the fact sheets are still current. They deal with topics that are often still poorly understood in Scouting such as the team system, the confusion between non-directiveness and laissez-faire, the use of the Promise and Law, youth involvement in the community, etc.

Take advantage, it's free!

Don't let this stop you from also looking at paid publications that may be of interest to you. Your comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

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