The Main Educational Approaches

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A visual presentation of 32 slides presenting and analysing the main educational approaches with their advantages and disadvantages:

The transmissive, teacher-centred approach, the preferred method of which is the lecture, still widely practiced in the school system although cognitive science has largely demonstrated its shortcomings;
The behaviorist approach, which defines learning as a change in observable behaviour in response to an external stimulus. This approach has had a profound impact on adult education by helping to define measurable training objectives.
The cognitivist approach, which, unlike behaviourism, aims to study mental processes, including how people think, perceive, memorize and learn.
The constructivist approach, which demonstrates that learners are not passive containers of information, but actively build their knowledge in interaction with the environment and through the reorganization of their mental structures. This approach is the basis of active and cooperative pedagogies.
Understanding these 4 fundamental approaches is necessary for all those interested in the world of education today.