Analyzing Relationships Within a Group

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It is important for youth workers, educators and teachers, who practice cooperative pedagogies, to have a clear idea of the interpersonal relationships within the youth group. This can be useful when it is necessary to review the composition of teams or to assess the level of social development of each young person.

This visual presentation explains in 23 slides how to implement a sociometric test and draw a sociogram of the group, i.e. a photograph of the relationships and interpersonal affinities within the group at a given time.

The sociogram makes it possible to evaluate the degree of cohesion of the group and its structure by highlighting the different subgroups that exist. It also identifies the most popular members within the group - those who are likely to play a leadership role - and those who are at risk of being marginalized or rejected. Finally, it allows us to assess the degree of social development of each member of the group and to identify those who need special support to overcome their shyness and be appreciated by others to find their place.

It is a very rich tool that gives a teacher or facilitator the opportunity to check and deepen their knowledge of the group and each of its members.

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