Visible thinking

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When students are taught to write or count, you can see what they are doing and what they have learned. But how can we teach students to think when thinking is invisible?

It was from this question that the "Visible Thinking" research project of Harvard Uni- versity, led by Professor David Perkins, was formed with the aim of improving the development of creative and critical thin- king in American schools.

Visible Thinking is a research project with a dual objective: to help students develop their skills and abilities to reason creatively and critically, and to improve their ability to learn.

The core of the project is to develop thinking routines, i.e. mini-strategies that are easy to learn, that allow students to im- prove their thinking and that can be integrated into daily classroom life.

In this 46-page eBook, illustrated with original drawings, you can find 25 useful "routines" to help young people discover how they think and develop their creativity. A useful book for teachers, educators and youth workers alike.

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