Fighting poverty through micro business generation

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From 2008 to 2018 I supported many projects to help young people in difficulty by creating micro-businesses.

The young women and men with whom I worked were facing particularly difficult situations: unemployed in Egypt, refugees from Darfur in Chad, victims of the terrible earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, child soldiers in Kivu (DRC), displaced persons and refugees in Afghanistan or Burundi...

The creation of a micro-business represented for them the hope of taking a place in society and helping their families out of poverty.

This book is the result of this 10-year experience. It's not a novel. It's a manual.

I have gradually designed and refined a methodology applicable to low-school level youth, designed and field tested active and cooperative training modules covering all areas from resource and community needs analysis, product or service design, corporate vision and mission, marketing techniques, customer relations, problem solving and decision-making, budget and accounting, teamwork, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

This manual proposes a strategy for developing projects to fight poverty through micro business generation. It offers 15 training modules and monitoring and evaluation tools.

It can be useful to NGO leaders working in developing countries, but also to local communities or associations in the North, who are working to help young people make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood.

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