Life Skills

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“Life skills" are the psychosocial skills needed to adopt appropriate and positive behavior that enable individuals to respond effectively to the demands and challenges of daily life.

They are often sorted into three broad cate- gories:

1. Communication and interpersonal skills: active listening, empathy; negotiation and refusal skills; cooperation and teamwork skills, etc.

2. Critical thinking and decision-makingskills: ability to analyze societal attitu- des, values and norms; problem solving, etc.

3. Coping and self-management skills: self- awareness; emotional and stress mana- gement, etc.

Life skills are not systematically taught at school, yet they are essential for successful social and professional integration.

This 122-page digital book offers more than 20 games and practical exercises, adapted to different ages, that help children and young people acquire essential life skills.

An essential tool for teachers, educators and youth workers.