Creating Community in Virtual Space

  • 35,00 € EUR

Training narrative – This workshop is designed to support trainers, educators and anyone facilitating meetings in an on-line mode due to COVID-19. Participants will experience several engaging and highly interactive community building activities and strategies specifically adapted for the video-conferencing setting. We will also explore active methods to establish group norms and address content through thematically connected activities.

Specific objectives are to:

  • Experience virtual active community building activities that participants can then readily adapt for their on-line instructional or meeting settings
  • Explore various efficient ways to establish or reinforce norms, expectations, and values in a virtual setting
  • Participate in activities that engage learners or meeting participants while also addressing meeting/class content specific topics or outcomes
  • Familiarize with some active and experiential learning concepts and methods
  • Learn to bring appropriate physical movement and enjoyment to the on-line video conferencing environment

Dates & times: Thursday April 8th. 19:00 GMT +1 (14:00AM EST)

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: 35 Euros (scholarships available - please request as needed by sending an e-mail to Larry CHILDS: [email protected]).

Platform: Zoom (one must obtain an account which is free) – Link will be sent upon registration. Strong internet connection and being on camera are requirements as methods and tools all rely on visual cues as well as auditory communication.

Enrollment maximum: 20 participants

Click on ”Acheter" to register.

Language note: The workshop will be in English but inclusive for those who may speak English as a second language. Since the method involves universal languages of movement, emotions and fun high level language proficiency will be less important.