Cooperative Approaches Annual Subscription

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Cooperative Approaches is a digital review, in pdf format, published every 2 months. The annual subscription allows you to receive 6 publications during the year (one every two months).

Each publication is 50 to 70 pages long and dissects one of the fields of application of cooperative approaches in an in-depth and lively way with stories, interviews, methodological dossiers, etc.

On topics as important as youth education, adult education, management of organizations, social action, civic engagement, Cooperative Approaches will provide you with valuable documentation.

Readers living in Africa can receive a 75% discount on request (send an email with your address to

  • As soon as you have paid your subscription, you will be able to download all the issues already published during the year. As soon as a next issue is published, you will receive an email notification and you will be able to download it from the same location.
  • One month before the end of your subscription, you will receive an invitation to renew it.